Home-made Cookies,
Baked to Perfection.

A Delicious way to say aloha!!

The Best Rated

Cookie in Hawaii

Mrs. Barry’s scrumptious Kona Cookies won FIRST PRIZE in the 1st Macadamia Nut Festival in Honokaa, which brought her baking skills to fame. Soon, the visitors on the island as well as Mrs. Barry’s neighbors flocked to her house for a taste of her delicious cookies.

And thus, to everyone’s delight, Kona Cookies came into existence.

Preservative Free

Freshly Baked

100% Natural

One for Your Dog

It’s not easy to eat something in front of your dog and not be swayed by their “puppy eyes”, especially if it is something as delicious as Mrs Barry’s Kona Cookies.

But sharing your food with your furry friend can harm them. So, we made a cookie, especially for your dogs.

Our Cookies are 100% Natural and made with only 5 ingredients.

Sugar-Free! Freshly made in small batches!

Your dog will love it as much as our Crushie (Doxen) does!

A Hot Companion for Your Fresh Cookies

Picked fresh from the slopes of Hualalai Volcano, sun-dried and farm-roasted by our master roaster, Kona Coffee brings you the rich flavor and taste that only Hawaiian climate and soil can produce.

We couldn’t make a better pair for our crunchy and sweet cookies with than our rich and smoky Kona coffee. The strong flavor of our Kona coffee perfectly complements the soft and delightful taste of our Kona cookies.

A match made in heaven and celebrated in Hawaii.

Baking the Most Delicious Cookies in
Hawaii Since 1980.

Mrs. Barry’s Kona Cookies store opened on August 5th, 1980. Since then, Mrs. Barry’s Cookies have been one of Hawaii’s sweet obsessions.

Whether you are buying these hand-made gems for yourself or as a gift for someone special, you can feel the love and care that they have been baked within every bite.

We are always amazed and thankful that someone is at our website or at our store thinking of sharing our big island Hawaii cookies with another person.

Our Customers Love
the Crunch.

There's a reason this place has won awards. So many yummy choices of cookies. These are crispy and sweet, but not too sweet. We tried a mixed bag of their famous cookies and we loved them all. The chocolate dipped shortbread cookies are the best, and we loved their everything cookie!
They didn't go to waste and only regret was not buying more!

Since my nickname is "Barry", I have to give a 5 star since these are my wife's cookies.
All kidding aside, Chocolate chip Mac nut, Mac nut shortbread dipped in milk chocolate and Hawaiian wedding cookies(from a previous trip) are the bee's knees.

Had to stop by here while visiting the island. Their cookies were super good. We got their award winning cookies and the chocolate chip cookies. Definitely a must to visit while in the Kailua-Kona area

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