6 Creative Ways to Eat Hawaiian Cookies

Hawaiian Cookies

The best thing about Hawaiian Cookies is that they can be paired with pretty much anything. While some cookie combos are an all-time classic (cookies and milk), others are a bit experimental (cookies with ice cream). But the point is, there’s always another way to eat your cookies. 

And when we talk about Hawaiian Cookies, the variations grow tenfold. Cookies from Hawaii come in a range of flavours, which opens up more opportunities for combos. 

For instance, did you know Hawaiian shortbread cookies go well with anything cheesy? Shortbread cookies serve as the perfect dunking partner for your cheese dip, thanks to their buttery and crumbly structure.

This blog will talk about six creative ways you can eat Hawaiian cookies. Some of these combos are an all-time favorite, and others are worth checking out. 

But before we get into it, we have to tell you Hawaiian cookies are your best dunking partner. 

What Makes Hawaiian Cookies the Perfect Dunking Partner?

Butter, crunchy, sweet, and baked with the spirit of Aloha, Hawaiian cookies stand out from their peers in terms of taste and flavor.

At Kona Cookies, we aim to deliver the same taste and experience as has been accredited with Big Island cookies for years now. We give individual attention to each one of our cookies so you can enjoy this delicious chewy goodness to the last bite.

The structure and flavor of our cookies make it a perfect dunking partner. Whether you like your cookies with milk or hot chocolate, our cookies are made to go with any of your choice of drink (and sometimes food). 

Their soft, delicate structure soaks in the flavor and takes your taste buds to the ninth cloud with each bite. 

Not to mention, we have more than 12 flavors of cookies. So, you know the possibilities of cookie combos are endless.

With that in mind, here are some of the most creative ways to eat your Hawaiian Cookies:

The Classic Hawaiian Cookies Combo: Milk and Macadamia Nut Cookies

Starting with the obvious, the cookie and milk combo is as old as time. You can twist the classic combo with Mrs. Barry’s Macadamia Nut Cookies. 

Infused with the goodness of macadamia nuts and Mrs. Barry’s special Kona Cookies recipe, the macadamia nut cookies will leave you fulfilled. Dunking a fresh and warm macadamia nut cookie in a cold glass of milk is one of the satisfying ways to eat them. 

The soft, crumbly structure of these cookies perfectly complements the creamy texture of the milk. Not to mention, milk is probably the ideal drink to wash down macadamia nut cookies. 

The Yummy Hawaiian Cookies Combo: Ice cream and Chocolate Chip Cookies

Who doesn’t love ice cream? And when you pair your favorite ice cream with Mrs. Barry’s Chocolate Chip cookies, the combo becomes irresistible. 

Our chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies are filled to the brim with decadent chocolate chips and hand-picked roasted macadamia nuts. When you pair it with ice cream, the flavors fuse in together to stimulate your taste buds. 

You can also make ice cream sandwiches with our chocolate chip cookies. Find your favorite ice cream flavor, put a scoop on one side of the chocolate chip cookies, put another cookie over it, and munch on. 

We suggest icecreams with tropical flavors for the ultimate ice cream sandwich experience. 

The Serious Hawaiian Cookies Combo: Hot Chocolate with Peanut Butter Cookies

Hot chocolate and cookies have long been paired together. But the combo we are offering is something you might not have tried yet. Presenting Mrs. Barry’s peanut butter cookies with hot chocolate. 

This combo is for those who take their taste seriously. Mrs. Barry’s peanut butter cookies are extra crumbly and soft. When you dunk one in hot chocolate, it absorbs the flavor and gives you a unique taste to explore. 

Made with 100% natural Hawaiian ingredients and creamy peanut butter, this cookie will make your hot chocolate time special. This is a perfect combo for early morning breakfast or when you are hungry but don’t want to cook anything. 

Some people believe in hot chocolate’s superiority as your cookie dunking partner over other liquid/beverages. Not to mention, chocolate and cookies work great together in every form. 

The Corporate Hawaiian Cookies Combo: Black Coffee with White Chocolate Cookies

Black coffee is often seen as a standalone beverage. Get a man a hot cup of black coffee in the morning, and they will not ask for anything else. 

However, when you pair a couple of white chocolate cookies with black coffee, very few people will be able to go back to normal. White chocolate macadamia nut cookies from Kona Cookies are just the extra amount of sweetness that can perfectly complement the bitter taste of black coffee. Plus, you get to save yourself from ‘coffee breath,’ which is something more people should care about in workplaces.

That’s not it either. Drinking black coffee on an empty stomach is one of the most known causes of gastric issues. Therefore, you must have a little snack while you are sipping on your cup of joe. 

White chocolate macadamia nut cookies, as the name suggests, are infused with macadamia nuts. These nuts are good for health and can be highly effective in keeping your appetite in order. 

So, that’s another reason why you should try pairing your black coffee with white chocolate macadamia nut cookies from Kona Cookies.

Bonus: serve these cookies during coffee breaks at a high-profile corporate meet, and it might even get your company’s value skyrocketing.

The Worth Trying Hawaiian Cookies Combo: Cheesecake Dip with Shortbread Cookies

Have you tried the shortbread cookies from Kona Cookies? They are the perfect example of the Hawaiian flavor infused in a cookie. Crumbly and soft, the Hawaiian shortbread cookies make up for the perfect snack to put in your dips.

And when it comes to dips, nothing beats the cheesecake dips. Cheesecake dips bring all the goodness of cheese down to a creamy dip. And shortbread cookies are the perfect cookies to sink into these dips.

Here’s why: shortbread cookies are dense, thanks to their buttery and sugary structure. They are pretty delicious on their own, but when you pair them with a dip or topping, their flavor improves tenfold. 

The best thing about shortbread cookies is that they can sync with practically any flavor. You can even try eating a shortbread cookie with mustard sauce dip or chipotle sauce. 

The Kona Cookies Favorite Combo: Good Company with Mrs. Barry’s Cookies

Besides all these combos, this one remains our favorite. We believe it’s the people that make the perfect combo for our cookies. Regardless of which cookies you choose, the best way to eat them is with your favorite people.

So, if you are craving some company with your cookies, consider throwing a party for your loved ones. You can get a few gift box sets from Kona Cookies to have enough varieties of Hawaiian cookies for all your guests.

Don’t know what to get? Try our assortment pack. It comes with all the varieties of Hawaiian cookies that Kona Cookies has to offer. Try each and decide which ones will be best for your party.

Wrapping it Up

There you go. These are our most creative ways to try the best of Hawaiian Cookies. Have you got more suggestions? Make sure to reach out to tell your favorite cookie combo. And we might make the next post about your choice of combos.

Mrs. Barry has been baking the crunchiest and juiciest cookies in Hawaii for 40 years now. Her Macadamia Nut Cookies won the first prize in the Honokaa Nut Festival, after which Mrs. Barry has been serving her cookies throughout the Big Island and around the world.

Her special cookie recipe has been passed on to three generations, and her cookies still remain the best-tasting cookies in all of Hawaii. 

Reach out to us to try some mind-blowing cookies that will keep you coming back for more.