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Hawaiian Candy

A Delicious way to say aloha!!

Hawaiian Candy for Every Occasion

Hawaiian Candy represents the Hawaiin culture in its true spirit and Mrs. Barry’s Kona Cookies are a staple of that representation. Mrs. Barry’s Hawaiian Candies are a generation transcending specialty that is famous throughout the world.

The Best Collection of Hawaiian Cookies in One Place

Mrs Barry’s Kona Cookies store has all the varieties of Hawaiian candies that you could ask for and then some more. Since 1980, Mrs. Barry and her family has been dedicated to baking and serving the best quality cookies and candies in Hawaii.

Our cookies collection is extensive and each with its own distinct and addictive taste. We have more than 12 varieties of cookies including the award-winning Macadamia Nut Cookies and Hawaiian special shortbread cookies.

Hawaiian Candy in a Range of Varieties

With more than 12 varieties of Kona Cookies, you can enjoy these Hawaiian candies in rotation for days. Not to mention, Kona Cookies also offer these Hawaiian candies in gift box sets so you can enjoy them for days to come.

From an assortment pack to specialty boxes, Mrs Barry’s Kona Cookies has all the varieties of cookies in packs of 12, 18, and 24. From shortbread to Macadamia nut and chocolate chip, each variety of our cookies is made with love and real ingredients. When you bite into one, you can feel the love that has baked into each of our cookies.

Candy From Hawaii, Shipping Worldwide

When Mrs. Barry started her Kona Cookies store, she had not imagined that she would be serving it worldwide. But her dedication and her love for cookies and Hawaii brought Kona Cookies to the fame that we are all thankful for.

Now, you can get taste the special Hawaii candy from your home. Just find your favorite Kona cookies, add them to the cart, put in your address, and order away. When you receive your box of Kona cookies, take your time with it. Open the box slowly, take a moment to appreciate the beauty of Kona Cookies, and then bite into one.

We promise you would taste our love for Hawaii and cookies that has transcended three generations.

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