Cookies So Good, You Would Wanna Move to Hawaii

The idea came suddenly one day in May in 1978….to enter the cookie contest at the 1st Macadamia Nut Festival in Honoka’a the “Macadamia Nut Capital of the World”.

It happened in Mrs. Barry’s kitchen up mauka (mountain in Hawaiian), on the volcanic slopes of Mauna Kea, overlooking the Hawaiian village of Honoka’a.

Mrs. Barry went to work perfecting her recipe. She gave samples to her husband, her daughter, her son, and fellow teachers. So ONO (good tasting in Hawaiian), they all said.

Mrs. Barry’s scrumptious cookies won FIRST PRIZE on August 26th 1978. It was clear Mrs. Barry needed a store to hand out such delights. People who visited the islands for fun, work, and vacation… as well as Mrs. Barry’s neighbors could now get all the cookies they wanted.

Mrs. Barry’s Kona Cookies store opened on August 5th, 1980. Since then, Mrs. Barry’s Cookies has passed into the hands of some of the friendliest people in the world. 

When you receive Mrs. Barry’s Cookies as a gift, you feel very special indeed. These hand-made gems represent the good times of Hawai’i. To us we always reflect on how wonderful it is that someone is at our website or at our store thinking of sharing our cookies with another person.

When you taste our cookies, you taste Hawai’i. Just imagine the gentle trade-winds… a conch cell blowing in the distance…. the magnificent Kona sunset about to paint the sky with brilliance….all of nature calling you to visit Hawai’i also known as e komo mai. We make our cookies with the concept of e komo mai. This all meaning “welcome, come-in to our place – please have a taste of our finest”.

Once you receive our Hawaiian cookies, take a moment to get comfortable and relaxed. Then dig into one of our treasure gift boxes of delights to find out what everyone is talking about when they mention Mrs. Barry’s Kona Cookies.


Our Story

It all began 40 years ago….

After winning the Macadamia Nut Festival in Honokaa in 1978, Mrs. Barry went on to perfect her recipe.

Mrs Barry finally opened her store in 1980 and has since been baking the most delicious cookies in Hawaii for the visitors and the islanders.

With every bite of Mrs. Barry’s Kona Cookies, you can taste a bit of Hawaii.

Watch till the end of the video to see the reason Mr. Barry married Mrs. Barry….it was for the shortbread and macadamia nut Hawaiian cookies!

From cookie competition in Honokaa to Hawaii’s most delicious delectable, kona Cookies is proud of the recognition it has gotten in the past 40 years. Our goal is to maintain our taste and flavor that makes you love us.

Preservative Free

Freshly Baked

100% Natural

The Freshest and Crunchiest Cookies You Have Ever Tasted

We promise to offer the freshest and crunchiest cookies you have ever wrapped your lips around. 

Mrs Barry’s special Kona Cookies recipe goes into the making of each of our cookies and that’s why you can’t help but ask for more. 

Since Mrs. Barry set up her cookie shop in 1980, we have been committed to baking the best-tasting cookies all over Hawaii.

Meet The Cookie Squad

Han Sung Barry

"The Original" Mrs. Barry.

Jim "Coach" Barry

Mrs. Barry's partner in crime.

Jamie Barry

Keeping the tradition alive.
2nd Generation Baker/CEO

Sarah Barry

"The Gofer", in charge of all that is
3rd Generation/Marketing

Marce Yates

Our "Sweetheart"! She keeps
the customers happy!
Customer Service

Candice Chow

"The Brain" of the operations.
VP of Operations & Marketing

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